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Your Ideas Your Initiatives: Renault International Road Safety School Project

Another year, another chance for us all to be inspired by young people’s dedication to road safety and sustainable mobility…

The Your Ideas Your Initiatives Challenge is entering its fifth year as part of Renault’s sustainable mobility strategy. This vibrant initiative was created in 2010 by P.A.U. Education, and we have continued to run it since then. Now in 2016, Your Ideas Your Initiatives is once again inviting tomorrow’s motorists to make the roads around their schools safer, and reduce their community’s carbon footprint.  

Growing ever stronger in scope and impact, this global sustainable mobility project has already reached thousands of students in 30 countries. This year again, Your Ideas Your Initiatives will reward participants’ enthusiasm, creativity and commitment, with the recognition and visibility they deserve. All entries will be showcased, and the results shared via the project website and local media.

The best ones will be rewarded, but the true value of participation goes far beyond winning; Your Ideas Your Initiatives thrives on building energy, creativity and determination. This year, as in the past four, the project sends young people everywhere a positive, empowering message: Your ideas matter and can make a world of difference to your community!

P.A.U. Education has more than 20 years’ experience in road safety, as operator of the European Road Safety Charter, member of the ETSC and observer of the UNRSC.