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Why do young people drink?

A new P.A.U. Education book by Jean-Pascal Assailly

In order to prevent the most damaging effects of alcohol consumption among teens, one needs to understand when, how and why young people drink. In this book, our long time collaborator, Dr. Jean-Pascal Assailly asks us to consider a global approach to drinking behaviour over a lifetime.

Dr. Assailly is also the leading scientist of the Safe Roads 4 Youth project – an international project designed by P.A.U. Education that reveals high frequency of drink driving among young people in three emerging countries: Argentina, Vietnam and South Africa.

P.A.U. Education built an innovative partnership involving major NGOs, leading research centres and universities and the Pernod Ricard employees’ fund. The project is based on strict ethical rules, and a governance board monitors its progress and achievements.

P.A.U. Education has more than 20 years’ experience in road safety, as operator of the European Road Safety Charter, member of the ETSC and observer of the UNRSC.


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