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TOTAL fights cardiovascular diseases in Africa and Middle East

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and associated non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are on the rise throughout the world and becoming an alarming health issue. TOTAL has decided to take action in the Africa and Middle East region (AMO) to develop and implement a cardiovascular disease prevention programme.

P.A.U. Education has carried out a study in three very different countries (Congo-Brazzaville, Tunisia and Senegal) in order to better understand the opportunities for action and the specific role that TOTAL could play. The findings are being used to design TOTAL’s global strategy and intervention methodology - which will then be implemented by each country office in more than 40 countries where TOTAL is actively engaged.

Since summer 2014, P.A.U. Education has worked on the preliminary study. It consists of an extensive international literature review, interviews with experts from Europe and Africa, and field visits to Tunisia and Congo Brazzaville. Based on the study results, and on P.A.U. Education’s health promotion and communication expertise, three recommendations for community actions to promote healthy lifestyles have been made:

Employee engagement

The workplace is an important setting for promoting healthy lifestyles. As a first step, employees will participate in a focus group to learn more about the topic, discuss it with their colleagues and share ideas for local action. Engaged employees will act as ambassadors of the CVD prevention programme among their colleagues, families and communities.

Community screenings

TOTAL will act as a ‘facilitator’, supporting local NGOs or health organisations to conduct community screenings for cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes. The aim is twofold: identify those at risk and raise awareness among people and their families participating in the screenings at local level.

Awareness-raising activities

To enhance communication on cardiovascular disease locally and to complement the screening actions, TOTAL will organise different awareness-raising activities. Among them: culinary workshops to show the importance of a healthy diet, introductions to first aid to help identify symptoms of cardiovascular disease and strokes, and a ‘Walk of Heart’ emphasising the importance of physical activity to reduce CVDs and associated risk factors.

In addition to developing the project strategy, P.A.U. Education is also responsible for creating and designing the project implementation handbook and all related awareness-raising and communication material. Furthermore, P.A.U. Education currently supports the TOTAL pilot country office in implementing and testing the project. From 2016 on, the project will be distributed all TOTAL country offices in the AMO region.

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