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TOGETHER : the new European communication campaign on healthy living

The “Together” communication campaign will soon offer pregnant and breastfeeding women in cities across Europe valuable opportunities to enjoy better health for them and their babies. The official launch is coming soon: 19 November!

“Together” is the new European Union communication campaign that focuses specifically on pregnant and breastfeeding women. These women are motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes for themselves and their babies as well as for their entire families.

"Together" is being launched in Manchester, United Kingdom; Murcia, Spain; Odense & Kolding, Denmark; Prague, Czech Republic and Varna, Bulgaria. Within the these cities, it will make an extra effort to reach young mothers, immigrants and women with lower income who sometimes struggle to access fresh foods and other healthy lifestyle options.

This is a locally-powered initiative. Each city will develop its own activities, depending on the special needs and resources of its community. Local promoting groups - made up of educators, nutritionists, and health and social workers – will get involved along with NGOs and charities, supermarkets, community centres, gymnasiums, etc. to offer many diverse activities and plenty of easily accessible information. 

P.A.U. Education has developed a broad array of tools and resources to assist LPGs in the project implementation. We worked in close collaboration with an independent board of scientific experts to develop these tools as well as the key messages of the pilot project.

This involved in-depth studies of existing research on diet, nutrition and physical exercise among pregnant and breastfeeding women, and conducting focus groups with Local Promoting Groups in each key city. This investment of time and resources ensures that the project is implemented in the most relevant, impactful ways.

The end result of the “Together” pilot project promises sustainable changes in each community, to benefit the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women and their families. It will also identify good practices to inspire other cities in Europe to replicate its approach in the future, and to assist decision-makers in developing better policies. It will be carefully monitored and evaluated throughout by the team of experts.

P.A.U. Education has extensive experience in large-scale health-education initiatives and, community-based interventions. In addition to “We Love Eating”, we also designed and implemented the “Shape Up” project, which is widely considered to be one of the key best practices for preventing child obesity through community-based interventions.

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