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Promoting healthy habits in Europe

P.A.U. Education designs and operates We Love Eating!  – a major initiative that has begun as an experimental project in seven European cities: Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), Bradford (UK), Cluj Napoca (Romania), Deventer (Netherlands), Granollers (Spain), Poznań (Poland) and Roncq (France).

We apply our unique methodology by creating a Local Promoting Group (LPG) in each city, which encompasses diverse organisations, to put the project into action.

Activities can be found on the We Love Eating Facebook page, which encourages each city to speak up and share vital knowledge and experiences. Take a look at the story of the month.

P.A.U. Education is a reference in the field of healthy living. Our Shape Up Methodology designed in partnership with the Danish School of Education and more than 20 European cities –  differs from traditional preventative or health-promoting interventions that often focus exclusively on modifying children’s behaviour. It has been successfully evaluated in different contexts and selected by the WHO as a good practice for school-community interventions.

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