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The main European initiative on road safety

Encouraging innovative practices to change road safety behaviours

P.A.U. Education has operated the European Road Safety Charter since 2004. More than 2,300 public and private entities have committed to the Charter, and carried out road safety actions and initiatives that target their members, employees and civil society as a whole.

The European Road Safety Charter Awards took place in Brussels on 4 February 2015. This major annual event gathered hundreds of representatives from European companies, associations and public authorities.

P.A.U. Education’s work with the Charter relies on specific community building tools – both on- and off-line – and encompasses participatory principles.

“Increased road safety is not rocket science… but it does not happen on its own. Saving thousands of lives requires hard work, and it requires persistence.” - European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, at the ERSC Awards 2015.

Road Safety and Mobility