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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education : eLearning Papers


The online journal eLearning Papers has just released its issue number 41 which compiles four in-depth and four from-the-field papers that begin to uncover the landscape of innovation, entrepreneurship and education.


New models of innovation for education are emerging in Europe. Education is by and large a public endeavor, the responsibility of governments and international institutions. We think of education in terms of large and complex systems. Hence, the common assumption has been that change in education will be driven by institutions: governments, universities, consortia of large stakeholders and resource-rich foundations. Recently, we are seeing more and more grassroots entrepreneurship playing a disruptive role in this ecosystem. Admittedly, the entrepreneurial scene is still dominated by American players. Can that change? Does Europe have a voice of its own, which will promote different values and pedagogical approaches? What are the promises and challenges of entrepreneurship in education?


This issue aims to open up the debate about the promises, risks and challenges of educational entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education and the synergies between them.


The in-depth papers examine the role of serious games for entrepreneurial education; the importance of creating open and new ways for collaboration and innovation for education in small and large learning ecosystems; the identification of key elements of learning design to support innovation in education and the impact of student case competitions and its impact on Entrepreneurship Education and learning.


The from-the-field papers present several projects that bring attention to successful examples of an extracurricular programme for entrepreneurial learning and the significance of grassroots entrepreneurship learning programmes causing positive disruptions for education. In addition to this, a field report on a university’s effort to create an innovative multi-disciplinary media and design studio that reached beyond the walls of the academia, is presented.


The guest editors for this issue are Daniel Spikol, Tapio Koskinen and Yishay Mor, all members of the Open Education Challenge.


You can download the Print Version here or check one paper at the time

·         The Open Education Challenge - a New Model for Effective Educational Innovation

·         An Autoethnographic Perspective of Social Entrepreneurship Focused Student Case-competitions and its impact on Entrepreneurship Education and learning

·         Partnership Model for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Open Online Learning

·         Aspects of a field experience in Entrepreneurship Education

·         Five Key elements for Educational Innovation using a Learning Design Methodology

·         Building a Business – case study of the entrepreneurship education at the University of Oxford

·         Creating Innovation: Reflecting on the MEDEA Studio at Malmö University

·         Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education - From the Field: EdTech In The Classroom