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Fundación ONCE coordinates the European Network for Inclusive Education (incluD-ed)

The UNESCO Education Department and the European Network for Inclusive Education and Disability (incluD-ed) shall host an online discussion “Inclusive Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Context of Lifelong Learning: Empowering People with Disabilities with Skills for Work and Life”.

The discussion will begin on 29 October and go on for three consecutive weeks until 18 November, within the WSIS Knowledge Community “Building Inclusive Societies for Persons with Disabilities”.

The aim of the online discussion is to analyse TVET policies, systems, programmes and practices from the perspective of inclusive education and social equity, with a central focus on people with disabilities, and to consider what can be done to ensure that TVET fulfils its aims for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

 A background document will be made available to inform on the three interconnected topics that will be in focus (one for each week):

  • Advancing inclusive and equitable access to TVET
  • Improving quality and relevance in TVET to support and transitions
  • Transforming TVET for inclusive and sustainable societies

Participants will take part in identifying success factors for policies, programmes and practices. They will also share insights on how to collect relevant data to be used by policy makers and practitioners.

The discussion has been designed for the wide variety of stakeholders involved in this field, ranging from policy makers, to experts, to professionals and organisations. Participants from all regions of the world are encouraged to join. The result will be a document containing recommendations for different stakeholder groups.

Follow this link to see more details on the discussion as well as registration information.

We look forward to the contributions of all participants.