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Challenges and predictions: Infographics on what's to come for EdTech (II)




EdTech’s prospects are changing daily, and start-ups are continually working to adapt to these innovations. Here are 5 other great infographics on trends collected since 2012, which reveal today’s challenges for EdTech and MOOCs.

15 e-learning statistics you need to know

This infographic summarizes great trends to look  for in 2015 and the potential they have to significantly change the way teachers educate and facilitate student learning. Some interesting and surprising statistics that will get you thinking more about the growing realities of e-learning.


How to make the jump into digital

How can a teacher integrate digital assets in the classroom? This infographic gives a digital landscape of the various opportunities offered to educators in today's world. 2013/02


Data mining and analytics in education

When we talk about big data and its use in the classroom, the prospect can be either exciting or frightening.  This infographic examines the limits and challenges of data mining and analytics, and asks us to consider how we can make the best use of them in order to enhance a student’s learning experience. 2013/01


EdTech tips for the classroom

In this infographic you’ll find some EdTech tips to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in your classroom. 2014/05


Will tomorrow's college be free?

This inspirational infographic gives an image of the (practically) free school everyone dreams of, in the age of digital supports. Is it a dream or is it already a compelling reality? 2012/10