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Challenges and predictions: Infographics on what's to come for EdTech (I)



EdTech’s prospects are changing daily, and start-ups are continually working to adapt to these innovations. Here are 5 great infographics on trends collected since 2012, which reveal today’s challenges for EdTech and MOOCs.

E-learning Trends to follow in 2015

This infographic summarizes great trends to look  for in 2015 and the potential they have to significantly change the way teachers educate and facilitate student learning. 2014/12


Online Students vs. traditional students

E-learning and MOOCs have been two of the big topics in education for a few years, but it is difficult to find actual data on the uses and profiles of online students vs. traditional students. This infographic briefly gives some statistics to help us understand the profiles and challenges of online education. 2011/10


3D Printing in the classroom

One of the most recent big fashions is 3D printing… and it’s impact on some classroom settings is already obvious. This infographic studies more precisely the way 3D printing, more than a mere novelty, is a powerful tool with the potential to revolutionise the way students learn.


Apps & Education

One of the big trends within today’s multimedia learning environment is the use of apps to enhance efficiency and diversity of information. This infographic looks at some of the main apps and their use in the school environment. 2012/09


The Use of Social Media in School

More teachers have begun to take advantage of social media to transform the way they teach and give feedback to their students. This infographic offers some ideas on how social networks can be used to enhance teaching. 2013/07