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05 July 2011

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo promotes mobility in an interview for Educaweb

“Mobility allows us to expand our horizons, transform our perceptions and increase our knowledge. Mobility is, above all else, a disposition to go out to meet others in order to share and learn from them. In this sense, mobility has many different dimensions.” This is the main idea that Pierre-...

25 June 2011

BBVA’s Future Values Awards

The second edition of BBVA’s Project “Future Values. Money in our lives” has come to an end. P.A.U. Education has created and implemented this project, which has as main objective to strengthen financial education among children aged 6 to 14 in skills and values associated to the use of money. In...

14 June 2011

The second stage of "Piccolingo in action" kicked off with two key events in Portugal

The second round (2011) of "Piccolingo in action" began on the 1st June, 2011 which is also the International Children's Day. Events took place in two cities in Portugal, Coimbra and Faro. Participants became aware, through fun activities, exhibitions, conferences and debates on the importance of...

31 May 2011

P.A.U. Education developed a Road Safety discussion programme for the AXA Group

P.A.U. Education developed a discussion programme for the AXA Group called “AXA Road Safety Awareness”. P.A.U. is well experienced in designing discussion programmes and training schemes in Road Safety issues. As a result, the AXA Group approached P.A.U. Education in order to implement this course...

10 May 2011

The Pollen programme participated in the Scientix Conference in Brussels

The Pollen programme, coordinated by P.A.U. Education and the Ecole Normale Superieure (La main à la pâte) with the support of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission (Sixth Framework Programme), was one of the selected science education projects to be...

03 May 2011

Best road safety practices from the civil society

Within the European Year of Volunteering 2011 Tour Stop in Bucharest (Romania) P.A.U. Education (company that operates the European Road Safety Charter for the last six years) organises a round table in collaboration with the Inter Ministerial Council of Road Safety in Romania. The P.A.U. Education...

27 April 2011

P.A.U. Education publishes the latest issue of eLearning Papers with the focus on higher education

The 24th issue of eLearning Papers explores ways to advance change within higher education. While the universities objectives may have remained constant for centuries, the world around them is undergoing significant change. Today, higher education is under tremendous pressure to meet greater...

21 April 2011

Record attendance in Paris: More than 8,500 participants celebrate volunteering

During one week (14-20 April 2011), more than 8,500 people had the opportunity to meet with volunteers in front of the Paris Town Hall of as part of the tour of the European Year of Volunteering, which P.A.U. Education is organising. In the European Year of Volunteering marquee that P.A.U...

15 March 2011

eLearning Papers focused on open education is out!

eLearning Papers has just launched its 23rd issue focused on open education. Published five times a year, the journal aims to make innovative ideas and practices in the field of learning more visible by highlighting different perspectives involving the use of technologies.

15 March 2011

Two of the major European campaigns soon in Athens

Two of the European campaigns managed by P.A.U. Education for the European Commission are going to stop in Athens this very March: The first Greek National Charter Tour from The European Road Safety Charter (Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport-DG MOVE), and The European Year of...


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