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02 July 2012

'Valores de futuro': a por el millón de participantes

Ya hace unos días que el programa 'Valores de futuro' nos deseaba un feliz verano a través de su blog y su newsletter , pero lo cierto es que su equipo ya está trabajando a toda marcha con las novedades para el curso 2012-13: el taller Conect@ndo aulas para intercambiar experiencias entre escuelas...

La participación de La Salle Santander, 'Banco de Tiempo', es la que más visitas
P.A.U. Education, solidarity between generations, EY2012, active ageing, Generations@school, European Year of Active Ageing, Life Story Challenge
27 June 2012

Do You Have an Active Ageing Story to Share? EY2012 Awards Are Open!

This Monday, the European Year 2012 Awards were officially launched. The EY2012 Awards seek to honour the best initiatives that promote active ageing and solidarity between generations in the European Union Members States, related to active ageing.

generations@school event in Bulgaria.
DAA, Digital Agenda Assembly, Digital Agenda for Europe, DAE, eInclusion awards, Tech All Stars award
25 June 2012

The Digital Agenda for Europe, 15,000 tweets closer to policy-making

Only one working day after the end of the Digital Agenda Assembly, celebrated last 21st and 22nd in Brussels, and more than 15,000 tweets after, coming from every country of the Union with the official global hashtag #da12, Neelie Kroes started to publish some answers through a press release to one...

Rio + 20 Live Connected, Rio+20, Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, youth employment
21 June 2012

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo: "Youth unemployment is not inevitable"

During the 19th and 20th June, Lisboa has been the meeting point of social leaders, business and stakeholders for a series of conferences and debates about green economy, cities, employment and sustainability at the Rio + 20 Live Connected Lisboa , organised by EDP Foundation in partnership with...

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, founder of P.A.U. Education, on the stage.
Generation 1992, P.A.U. Education, internship, European Parliament, Europe, European single market
21 June 2012

For those born in 1992: EC Internships and Summer Camp in Barcelona

Twenty 4-week internships at several European institutions are available this summer! The opportunity to work for the European Parliament , amongst others institutions, will be open to 20-year-old finalists of the Generation 1992 creative contest. Furthermore, the Generation 1992 Summer Camp , that...

Generation 992 offers the chance of winning an internship at the EC.
DAE, DAA, Digital Agenda of Europe, Digital Agenda Assembly, stakeholders engagement, innovation, fostering innovation
20 June 2012

Seven of the Workshops of the Digital Agenda Assembly, Streamed Live

Seven of the eight workshops that the Digital Agenda Assembly will be running tomorrow, on the first day of the event, in Brussels, will be streamed live , as well as the plenary session that will take place on Friday. P.A.U. Education, currently leading the innovative stakeholders' engagement...

Tha participation platform
neuroscience, lifelong learning, adult education, knowledge society, ICT skill acquisition, attitude, aptitude
19 June 2012

eLearning Papers Releases an Issue on Learning and Active Ageing

" Europe is getting older. (...) Lifelong learning is a key component of active ageing, ensuring to develop up-to-date skills right to the end of one's professional career and continuing post-retirement to improve an individual's social functioning and well-being and increase the potential for...

Renault, YOUR Ideas, YOUR Initiatives, Safety and Mobility for All, Road Safety and Mobility
18 June 2012

The finalists of 'YOUR Ideas, YOUR Initiatives' gather in Paris

More than 200 participants were present the 8th June at La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (La Villette, Paris), to share the big international final of the program Safety and Mobility for All of Renault Group. The finalists of the project YOUR Ideas, YOUR Initiatives also joined the rest of...

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, founder of P.A.U. Education, with one of the winners.
IncluD-ed, Fundación ONCE, educación inclusiva, accesibilidad
13 June 2012

IncluD-ed: un portal listo para incluir

El portal IncluD-eD , sitio oficial de la Red Europea de Educación Inclusiva y Discapacidad , ya está online y listo para incluir a todo tipo de usuarios. El portal, que tiene como objetivo ser un espacio de intercambio de información sobre educación inclusiva , está disponible en inglés y en...

Four organisations, the partners of the network, act as the coordinating agency
12 June 2012

A Message To the Five Million 15-24 year-olds Currently Looking For A Job In Europe

Young people have been hit hardest by the economic crisis, with more than five million 15-24 year-olds currently looking for a job. The EU's Europe-wide Youth Opportunities Initiative (YOI) launched recently this clip to highlight the programmes and resources available to help young people raise...

The Youth on the Move stand was full of smiles and energy.


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