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14 September 2016

La educación y los objetivos del desarrollo sostenible

La educación está vinculada a todos y cada uno de los objetivos del desarrollo sostenible. El Objetivo 4 de los Objetivos del Desarrollo Sostenible busca garantizar una educación inclusiva, equitativa y de calidad, así como promover oportunidades de aprendizaje durante toda la vida para todos...

10 March 2016

P.A.U. welcomes new management team member

Natàlia Ribas has been appointed business unit director and will report to Pierre Antoine Ullmo, the company’s founder and general director.

Natalia Ribas
26 February 2016

‘We love eating’ comes to a close, but the messages continue

P.A.U. Education has been leading the European Commission’s consumer education project ‘ We Love Eating’ that has now come to a successful close. Its key messages will continue to be shared as new cities meet the challenge of promoting healthy lifestyles among children, pregnant women and older...

25 January 2016

incluD-ed study on inclusive education released

In December 2015, the European Network on Inclusive Education & Disability, incluD-ed, concluded its study on 'Quality Factors of Inclusive Education in Europe. An Exploration. '

Inclusive education in Europe
Schools & Community
18 November 2015

Ideas Powered: EU youth get closer to intellectual property

In 2014, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) - the EU’s intellectual property agency acting through the European Observatory on infringement of intellectual property rights - carried out a study about how EU citizens perceive intellectual property.

"Ideas Powered" shows youth first-hand the value IP has in their lives (© 25 OHIM)
Schools & Community
17 November 2015

TOTAL fights cardiovascular diseases in Africa and Middle East

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and associated non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are on the rise throughout the world and becoming an alarming health issue. TOTAL has decided to take action in the Africa and Middle East region (AMO) to develop and implement a cardiovascular disease prevention...

Photo of the TOTAL AMO focus group participants held in Senegal in 24 (© 25 P.A.U. Education)
Schools & Community
15 November 2015

Born to learn / Nacidos para aprender

An invisible, faceless, merciless enemy is hiding somewhere in the buildings we live in, in the classrooms we go to. This enemy has a name: ignorance! ____ Un enemigo invisible, sin cara y despiadado se esconde en algún lugar de los edificios en los que vivimos, en las aulas de las escuelas a las...

10 November 2015

Your Ideas Your Initiatives: Renault International Road Safety School Project

Another year, another chance for us all to be inspired by young people’s dedication to road safety and sustainable mobility…

05 November 2015

Valores de futuro: el proyecto educativo de BBVA sobre educación financiera

P.A.U. Education cumple siete años implementando para BBVA el proyecto de educación financiera Valores de futuro en escuelas e institutos de toda España. Durante todo este tiempo, casi cinco millones de alumnos han podido reflexionar y aprender sobre los valores relacionados con el uso del dinero:...

Valores de futuro
03 November 2015

TOGETHER : the new European communication campaign on healthy living

The “Together” communication campaign will soon offer pregnant and breastfeeding women in cities across Europe valuable opportunities to enjoy better health for them and their babies. The official launch is coming soon: 19 November!


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