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21 October 2014

Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs in Europe

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20 October 2014

Arranca 'Son Especialistas', un proyecto educativo para descubrir el talento de jóvenes de 14 a 16 años

Hoy arranca en Viladecans ' Son Especialistas ', un proyecto piloto de la plataforma ' Aulas Creativas' que dirigen los artistas Hanoch Piven y Miguel Gallardo, que pretende descubrir el talento de alumnos entre 14 y 16 años. El proyecto lanzado por el Ayuntamiento de la población con la...

14 October 2014

Discovering new aspects of innovation in education in Paris

12 October 2014

Who is ready to give up power?

edtech, entrepreneurship, innovation
16 September 2014

Bright future ahead for EdTech Start-up winners

BrightBytes is "The Most Promising EdTech Start Up in 2014", after the US-based project scooped top prize in the Global EdTech Start Up competition.

The Most Promising EdTech Start Up in 24
16 September 2014

Ready, steady …. Eat!

17 September marks the official launch of We Love Eating , a project which aims to show European citizens how enjoyable & healthy eating can be.

We Love Eating
16 September 2014

Top takeaways from masterclass “Creating and Telling Your Story”

open education challenge; innovation in education: startups; entrepreneurship
11 September 2014

Innovation in Helsinki, the first stop of the OEC

The top teams of the Open Education Challenge met at the Design Factory at Aalto University Helsinki for the first residential workshop of the European Incubator for Innovation in Education. The theme of the workshop was Design and Education (Learning) Design. ' Design makes learning simple ', as...

Showcase event with the education community.
10 September 2014

Innovation and Incubation in Helsinki

09 September 2014

Design makes education simple

with Aape Pohjavirta at Helsinki


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