School & community projects

We design innovative projects relating to many areas of social or educational interest to reach young people, teachers, parents and citizens on a massive scale.

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Social communication

We design and implement Europe-wide communication campaigns for the European Commission and leading European agencies and initiatives.



We design online training solutions for companies, universities and NGOs & manage a large ecosystem of education start-ups

13 November 2016

Teachers, Entrepreneurs: Who innovate in the classroom?

P.A.U. Education and the Open Education Challenge co-organizes the Global Education Startups Awards with our Israeli...

06 November 2016

Tous connectés? la parole des médecins et des patients à l'épreuve du numérique

Travailler avec le numérique est à la fois un défi et une opportunité. Cette formule consensuelle ne dit pas grand...

31 October 2016

A change of perspective when talking about Innovation in Education

What do we mean by Innovation in Education? They are two notions that seems intrinsically linked to some of us and yet...